La Cinquecento Pizzeria

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So what to do when you have no boiler, no hot water, no heating, no gas and no access to your kitchen? Go out for lunch of course! It was a bit of a spontaneous one yesterday, but it wastotally necessary – you should see the state of our kitchen, it’s utter chaos!

With heads held high we took the opportunity to go a restaurant we’ve been dying to try out since we came back from Christmas, La Cinquecenta Pizzeria. Boy, is this a good find!

We were in a bit of a pizza mood, especially since we had been drooling over my recipe for tarted up pizza, so we almost bounced down to the restaurant in a fit of excitement.
Feeling very gluttonous I went for La 500 pizza, which had pretty much everything you could ever want on a pizza, and more!




It was steaming hot and just out the pizza oven – so hot my camera was steaming up! I can’t tell you how good it was, hot delicious mozzarella, chicken, chorizo, peppers, grilled aubergines – it was just the pick me up that I wanted!

All topped off with some excellent service, and waiters who are more than happy to have a good joke with you. I’d had to take one of my boots to the cobblers so cue endless jokes about having a third leg as my poor little boot was just sitting merrily beside me!

There’s only one way to wash down a pizza in France: with a carafe of rose wine!


We were done. We were full. But then the lovely waiter brought us the dessert menu, and we discovered that there was still a tiny little pocked in our tummies that wasn’t quite full just yet!

My flatmate was sold at the notion of “Tiramisu” but I kept ploughing through the menu only to be stopped in my tracks by the ice-cream: chocolate and salted caramel ice cream. Oh helloooo.



Now officially full to the pits of our stomach we rolled ourselves home – to the plumber who was apparently waiting for us! Whoops!

We dashed home so quickly that I forgot to get a snap of my outfit (again). But I did manage to sneak a photo of this little baby.

A vintage little number that actually belongs to my mummy, but that she’s let me borrow for the past couple of years! If you’re looking for a vintage Chanel, or in fact any designer handbag, check out Vestiaire Collective for some options!


Pizza All Tarted Up

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Pizza is one of my major comfort foods; there’s nothing better than steaming cheesy, bread based yumminess. But, why just buy a pizza when you can make it just as easily? Yes, as easily. And then you know exactly what’s gone into it and can make it just the way you like!


Fish ‘n’ Chips Rennes


I won’t lie, good ol’ fish and chips is something that I’ve missed more than anything since I’ve been in France. So you can only imagine my delight when my flatmate and I stumbled past a real live fish and chip shop on our way back from the market in Rennes. Honestly, there is somewhere in this town where you can go and feel properly British for the evening. And boy, is it good.


Perfect French Bread

There’s nothing quite like the smell, and the taste, of freshly baked bread! Especially when you’ve been lucky enough to eat fresh French bread every day. So when I went home, mum and I were desperate to try out a cheeky new bread recipe, and boy is it good!


Butternut Squash and Red Pepper Soup

I’ve always been a big fan of soup, especially homemade soup, and so when mum taught me her recipe for butternut squash and red pepper soup (with a side of homemade bread!) I just couldn’t resist making it. It’s a perfect winter warmer, and very healthy yet filling for all of you who are on January healthy eating plans.


Tom’s Kitchen | St Katherine’s Dock

Boy was this a good recommendation from a friend! Tom’s Kitchen is one of the best London restaurants I’ve been to in a long time! Since the mister and I were staying in Tower Hill to celebrate Christmas, Tom’s Kitchen was just a short (and pretty) stumble away. If you’re ever in London there are quite a few of Tom’s around and about, and I’d highly recommend that you check them out for a bite to eat.